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It is time to show these juveniles or anyone that they cheap jordans can no longer hurt people. They must suffer the consequences. Stabilization mission in Mali said in a statement. The two are Swiss soldiers and are being flown to Senegal for treatment, said the Swiss Defense Ministry.Witness Ibrahim Coulibaly described the attack.”I saw a masked person with a great weapon like a machine gun go up the stairs to the bar and at first I thought it was a joke, but a few second later, I heard a first shot. That’s the bad news. But there are some positives to take from a stalemate that never really saw the two sides come close to an agreement after Cousins signed his franchise tender in March. There were no barriers around the Christmas market on Monday.After the attack, dozens of ambulances lined the streets waiting to evacuate people, and heavily armed police patrolled.Among the dead was a passenger in the truck, who succumbed as paramedics treated him, Berlin police spokesman Winfried Wenzel said. Police said later that the man was a Polish national, but didn’t give further details of who he was or what happened to him.A suspect believed to be the driver was picked up about 2 kilometers (1 miles) away, near the Victory Column monument. A Las Vegas woman will spend a year in jailfor creating a bogus Facebook profile of her ex boyfriend. The Associated Press reports that Stephani Lawson filed multiple police reports accusing her ex boyfriend of threateningon Facebook to kill her and her daughter.

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